We sell firewood by the bundle or by the face cord. Our firewood is a mix of harwood species including cherry, maple, birch and beech. The firewood is stacked and seasoned ensuring proper burning and maximum heat. Please call for Pricing and availability on face cords as we usually sell out every year.


We offer firewood already bundled for convenience. If you are looking for some wood for a weekend camping trip or for a patio firepit, these bundles are perfect. We re-split our bundled firewood so that each piece is more uniform in size and shape.

Kindling Wood

Our kindling wood comes in bags of either soft or hardwood. The softwood will ignite much easier but will burn out faster. A mix of both soft and hardwood is the easiest and fastest way to get larger pieces of fuel wood to burn.

Smoking Chips

Use these while cooking and enjoy the smoked flavor. Soak the chips in a bucket of water for a few hours and throw them in the smoker or barbeque pit and enjoy. Each bag is roughly six to seven pounds.



Facecord Firewood

Call for Current Pricing

½ Facecord Firewood


Smoking Chips


Firewood Bundles


Kindling Wood (Bags or Bundles)