Estimates/ Quotes

Investing in quality building materials now can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements in the future. Calling a professional contractor is recommended for big jobs but it never hurts to acquire material know-how beforehand. A wide variety and price range of building material types are currently available. That’s why it pays to do your homework before starting on a home improvement project.

This is where we can help. Here at Willey Lumber, you’ll find everything you need to know about building materials and lumber, from selection to maintenance to design. Willey Lumber is your leading provider of valuable information. Our team of experts is always ready to share their vast knowledge and expertise about building materials and other home-improvement issues. If you have a future home improvement project coming up, we would gladly give you an estimate on your material lists.


We at Willey Lumber also have extensive knowledge about shipping products such as pallets and crates. If you have a shipping need we will be happy to assist you in designing a pallet or crate to fit your needs. Give us a call or stop by and we can give you an estimate on your pallets or crates.